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Hello and Welcome to “Pakistan Sahulat” today we will give you information about Ufone Internet Packages including “Ufone WhatsApp package monthly” , “Ufone daily internet package”, “Ufone weekly internet package”, “Ufone monthly internet package”, and all other “Ufone net package”.

ufone internet packages, ufone whatsapp package monthly

Internet packages are one of the most basic requirement of todays era, Everyone including me are searching for best internet package now a days emphasis on package rate and its recourses.

So in this article I will make sure to give you all packages of Ufone internet and will also discuss best packages in conclusion section.

Ufone Daily Internet Package

In Internet packages many companies provides daily internet package likewise Ufone also provides daily internet package.

There are more then enough daily internet packages provided by Ufone such as Daily Light, Daily Heavy, Special Daily 01 AM- 09 PM (Ufone Night Internet Package), Mega Internet Bucket 1 AM – 8 AM.

All these packages have validity of 1 day and have different code to activate the respective package.

So to see all the codes and data see the reference table below:

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation CodeActivate Now
Daily LightRs. 1040 MB Plus (500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line)1 Day*2256#Activate Daily Light
Daily HeavyRs.1575 MB Plus (500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line)1 Day*2258#Activate Daily Heavy
Special Daily 01 AM- 09 PM (Ufone Night Internet Package)Rs.550 MB (500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line)1 Day*3461#Activate Special Daily
Mega Internet Bucket 1 AM – 8 AMRs.122048 MB1 Day*550#Activate Mega Internet Bucket

Note: If you want to activate the package then just click on activation column link.

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So in above table you get all daily internet package from Ufone, with their prices and subscription code.

In my opinion, if you’re daily internet user then Ufone Daily Heavy package best fits your needs.

3 Days Internet Package

Most of the users wants to activate offers for 3 days so Ufone also provides you 3 days internet packages. So if you want to subscribe package for 3 days you must consider this Ufone offer in your list I-e 3 Day Bucket.

3 Days Bucket provides you 100 MB (500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line) in just 25 Pkr. with the validity of 3 days and to subscribe this package just dial *3350# from Ufone sim.

So here is the table for Ufone 3 days 3G/4G package.

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation CodeActivate Now
3 Day BucketRs. 25100 MB (500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line)3 Day*3350#Activate 3 Day Bucket

Note: All these prices are recently updated in 2022.

So in above table ufone packages are listed for 3 days.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Ufone provides variety of weekly internet package to their customers, all these package are best suited for the customer who wants 7 days unbreakable internet service.

In this category! Ufone provides 3 best package to their users like Weekly Light, Super Internet, Weekly Internet Plus.

So in Weekly Light offer user will get 250 MB for 7 days in just 50 rupees by dialing *7811# from Ufone registered sim.

Similarly, In Super Internet offer user will get 1.2 GB’s of internet in just 130 Pkr. by dialing *220#.

And in last Weekly Internet Plus offer will gives you 3 GB of internet in Rs.175 with activating code *260#.

Below is the table to get all references discussed above:

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation CodeActivate Now
Weekly LightRs. 50250 MB7 Days*7811#Activate Weekly Light
Super InternetRs.1301.2 GB7 Days*220#Activate Super Internet
Weekly Internet PlusRs.1753 GB7 Days*260#Activate Weekly Internet Plus

Note: Prices may vary time to time all prices are updated in 2022.

After weekly internet offers we have monthly internet bundles of Ufone so lets get towards them.

Ufone Monthly Internet Package

In Ufone internet packages then next and most wanted bundles list is monthly offers. Monthly bundles are most activated offers in Pakistan.

So Ufone internet packages here are the month packages Monthly Light, Monthly Heavy, Monthly Max.

In Monthly Light user will get 1 GB + 2GB Social Data , In Monthly Heavy user get 3 GB + 2GB Social Media Data and in Monthly Max customer get 10 GB + 2GB Social Media Data.

Ufone Internet packages with monthly barrier are listed in below table:

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation CodeActivate Now
Monthly LightRs. 2501 GB + 2GB Social Media Data1 Month*7807#Activate Monthly Light
Monthly HeavyRs.5003 GB + 2GB Social Media Data1 Month*803#Activate Monthly Heavy
Monthly MaxRs.100010 GB + 2GB Social Media Data1 Month*5100#Activate Monthly Max

Note: Prices may vary time to time all prices are updated in 2022.

Mostly many of the users activate monthly internet offers, In Ufone internet packages with data for whole month is enough for a single person.

So after that Ufone monthly internet package we will move forward towards Ufone Social Bundles list but before going to another list if you love to visit different tourism spots in Pakistan then see our Pakistan Tourism section.

Where you will find all tourism spots destination guides and much more.

So lets get back towards our last list.

WhatsApp Package | Social Net Packages

In this category of Ufone internet packages, the operator provides four different offers for their users named Social Daily, Daily Chat, Streaming Offer, Social Monthly.

All these offers are for social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms.

So if you only use social media platforms then these bundle from Ufone Internet Packages are for you.

These packages provides ufone whatsapp package monthly, Dailymotion, YouTube and Facebook data.

So below you will see Ufone internet packages for social.

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation CodeActivate Now
Social DailyRs. 5100 MB01 Day*4422#Activate Social Daily
Daily ChatRs.510,000 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp01 Day*3465#Activate Daily Chat
Streaming OfferRs. 8500 MB (Youtube / Daily Motion)01 Hour*78#Activate Streaming Offer
Social MonthlyRs.50Free Usage on Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp.30 Days*5858#Activate Social Monthly

Note: Activation codes are well checked by our team members personally.

So that’s all for the bundles of Ufone lets move towards the conclusion.


As above we discussed all bundles from ufone packages lets discuss about internet speed provide by ufone.

Ufone is subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) and most of the users facing issues with their speed.

In some area’s their internet, 3G, 4G services works fine but in northern area’s services is not up to mark.

Also their packages are a bit expensive comparing to other service providers.

The list of things I noticed in Ufone are listed below:

  • Internet speed issues in some area’s.
  • Packages data are less for the users.
  • A bit expensive then other providers.
  • 4G coverage is in less area’s.

If you want to check Ufone internet speed then the best tool I know is Speed test by Ookla.

In above conclusion I made sure to give you all information.

but sill if you feel something is missing in my analysis then must tell me in comments section.

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