10 places to visit on your trip to Hunza Valley.

Hunza Valley
Hunza Valley in Blossom Spring Season

Are you planning a trip to Hunza Valley? and confused about which places to see? Don’t worry! Here, in this article, we list down 10 places you should visit on your trip to Hunza hotel.

Hunza is the land of silent and giant peaks, calm lakes, innocent and harmonious culture. It is also host to some ancient architecture that has stood the test of time.

Hunza is 100KM from Gilgit, which takes a 2 to 3 hours drive by road. From Islamabad, a road trip can cost an estimated time of 17 to 24 hours.

It is a paradise for trekkers, mountaineers, photographers, and nature lovers.

Hunza Valley is the land of apricot orchards, cherries, peaches, apples, mulberry, walnuts, and grapes.

Here is the list of 10 places you should visit on your trip to Hunza Valley.

  1. Hunza River.
  2. Baltit Fort.
  3. Altit Fort.
  4. Duiker view point / Eagles Nest view point.
  5. Ganish Khun Historical Village.
  6. Sacred Rocks of Hunza.
  7. Attabad Lake.
  8. Hussaini Hanging Bridge.
  9. Borith Lake.
  10. Passu Cones view point.
  11. Bonus Spot.
  12. Bonus Place.

1. Hunza River.

On your trip to Hunza Valley, one thing that accompanies you is the hunza hotel River. Winding and playing with Karakoram highway this river rolls like a roller coaster ride. Seasonal water sports like rafting and kayaking are popular among tourists.

Hunza Valley
Watersports in Hunza River

Do not forget to dip your feet in the cold waters of the Hunza River. Take a lot of pictures on your trip to Hunza valley as a token of memory.

Hunza Valley
Hunza River and Karakoram Highway.

2. Baltit Fort

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Once a watchtower to safeguard the princely state of Hunza Valley, Baltit Fort has been of historical and strategic importance to the rulers of Hunza. It is now one of the important tour points in a trip to Hunza Valley. Baltit Fort stands tall over Karimabad. Apart from watchtower duties, it lets us see fascinating views of the valley.

Hunza Valley
baltitis Fort in Hunza Valley with Rakaposhi view

It has been through various changes in terms of architecture, but the fort is believed to be more than 800 years. Now the fort has its museum to provide a glimpse of the history to the tourists.

Hunza Valley
Inside Baltit Fort
Hunza Valley
baltitis Fort Museum
Hunza Valley
Baltit Fort view during the evening
Hunza Valley
Baltitis Fort Front View

3. Altit Fort.

Altit Fort stands tall over the village of Altit in Hunza valley. The fort is believed to be around 1000 years of age. This fort was built for strategic purposes by the rulers. It now serves as a hot tourist spot on a trip to Hunza Valley. With much historical importance, this fort takes its visitors to a glimpse of the past.

Altit Fort in Hunza Valley
Altit Fort view

Not it has passed the test of time, it has another beautiful enigma enchanted within, named Royal Gardens. The beauty of the Royal Gardens of Altit Fort is mesmerizing throughout the year in all seasons.

Altit Fort Royal Garden
Royal Garden of Altit Fort in autmn
Altit Fort Royal Garden in spring blossom season

4. Duiker Hill View Point / Eagles Nest View Pont.

On your trip to Hunza valley, one should never miss visiting Duiker Hill viewpoint also known as Eagles nest viewpoint. It is 700m above Altit valley. This is one of the most famous points to witness beautiful sunsets and sunrises. It provides inner peace and tranquility while watching the sun setting on the horizon in the golden hour. An experience you must have. And yes do not forget to take lots of pictures as it relaxes body, soul, and mind from worldly matters.

Hunza Valley
Sunset from Duiker Hill view point / Eagles nest view point.
Hunza Valley
Duiker Hill / Eagles Nest

4. Ganish Khun Historical Village

Ganish is the oldest settlement on the ancient silk route in Hunza Valley. It is home to ancient mosques and watchtowers known as Shikaris. It has been awarded UNESCO Asia Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Preservation 2002 and 2009. Whether you are a historian or not, you must visit the ancient 400 years old house along with Shikaris and 4 mosques on your trip to Hunza valley. Ganish means gold in Burushaski and indeed it is a golden treasure of the past.

Hunza Valley
Ancient House in Ganish historical village, Hunza Valley
Hunza Valley
Hunza Valley
1000-year-old mosque in Ganish village, Hunza
Hunza Valley
1000-year-old Ganish Village in Hunza valley

6. Sacred Rocks of Hunza

The next spot to visit on your trip to Hunza Valley is the Sacred Rocks of Hunza valley. They are known as HALDEIKISH. Four large rock formations are covered in petroglyphs and inscriptions in Bactrian, Kharoshti, Sogdian, Tibetan, Chinese, and Brahmi. The diversity of languages shows the geopolitical importance of the Hunza valley in the first millennium. Some of the carvings date from as early as 83 AD.

Hunza Valley
Sacred Rocks of Hunza Valley.
Hunza Valley
Sacred Rocks are known as HALDEIKISH of Hunza Valley

7. Attabad Lake

One of the youngest lakes in the world. Born in 2010, this lake is now a famous tourist spot. When planning your trip to Hunza valley, It is a must-visit place. The 23km long lake has a depth of 350 to 450 feet at various spots. Tourists can hire a boat or jet ski for lake exploration on a clear day. The turquoise blue waters in the midst of majestic peaks bring tranquility and calmness while looking at it. It automatically brings inner peace, a smile, and a camera out for lots of pictures and peaceful moment memories.

Hunza Valley
Attabad Lake in Hunza Valley
Hunza Valley
Attabad Lake blue waters in Hunza Valley
Hunza Valley
23 km long Attabad lake in Hunza Valley
Hunza Valley
Attabad lake turquoise blue waters

8. Hussaini Hanging Bridge.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge or Hussaini Suspension Bridge is considered to be the one of the most dangerous bridges in Northeren areas. The free flowing wild river beneath, the steps have too much gaps and the strong winds make suspension bridge shake while crossing it. The bridge has around 400 steps and is not recommended for faint hearted for crossing. But on your trip to Hunza valley, you should visit this bridge for daring memories.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge, Hunza Valley
Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Hunza Valley

9. Borith Lake

Borith Lake is just 3.5kms to the north west of Hussaini Hanging Bridge. This saline lake and can be reached via a 2 km unpaved path or a 2 to 3 hour trek from Ghulkin. This peaceful lakes sits between two mountains silently. Make sure to visit this lake on your trip to Hunza valley.

Borith Lake, Gulmit, Gojal, Hunza Valley
Borith Lake during a bright sunny day.
Borith Lake in Hunza Valley

10. Passu Cones

About 14 kms north of Gulmit is a small village known as Passu Village. This village is home to the beautiful meadows, barren lands, glaciers and the famous Passu Cones also known as Passu Cathedral. Passu Cones Vistas 7478 meters and Passu Glaciers 6106 meters are the key highlights. On your trip to Hunza valley this place with hypnotize you with its beauty. One cannot resist to capture the moments in their camera.

Passu Cones Hunza Valley
Majestic Passu Cones in Hunza Valley
Passu Cones with Hunza River
Awesome Passu Cones in Hunza Valley


11. Batura Glacier

Organizing a trip to Hunza valley is not an everyday opportunity. So take full advantage and do visit Batura Glacier. This 57km long glacier is 4th largest glacier in Pakistan and 7th largest and longest non-polar glacier in the world. It is a 3 hour trek to the glacier but it will be well worth it.

Batura Glacier 57km in Hunza Valley

12. Khunjerab Pass

Its a human desire to see the end of what they start. Your trip to Hunza valley will be incomplete if you miss out the Khunjerab Pass and go all till the Pakistan China Border. It is the highest paved international border crossing in the world and the highest point on the Karakoram Highway. And what if you runout of cash at this point? Dont Worry, It has the highest ATM in the world on this very Khunjerab Pass. A few pictures of the border at Khunjerab Pass will make you feel that you have seen the last corner of Pakistan.

Pakistan China Border Khunjerab Pass
World Highest ATM, Khunjerab Pass, Hunza, Pakistan


When you are tired in worldly matters and there is no way out. Take a break and plan your trip to Hunza valley. Not only it will relieve stress and bring out inner peace and tranquility. Once the trip is over, you can always recollect memories and reconnect with mesmerizing nature with a smile and lots of amazing memories.

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