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Hello and welcome to Pakistan sahulat Telenor internet packages article, here we will tell you about the latest Telenor internet bundles like Telenor weekly internet package, Telenor WhatsApp package, and Telenor social package monthly So lets Start.

Telenor History

They started their services On 15 March 2005 in Pakistan although they got GSM license on On 26 May 2004 for Pakistan.

Telenor Pakistan have a license for Long Distance International Traffic (LDI).

In Telenor it was the largest single European direct investment in Pakistan.

Till 2020 they have 47.240 million mobile subscriptions.

Telenor internet packages, sim lagao offer Telenor

Telenor Internet Packages

In internet bundles it includes Telenor social package monthly, Telenor weekly internet package, Telenor monthly internet package, 3days package and daily offers.

Telenor launched many bundles and offers for their users and they are on the mark to launch many more.

Best of all the packages mostly subscribed package are Telenor WhatsApp package.

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Telenor internet packages have a vast range which includes daily internet packages, weekly internet packages, monthly and 3 days bundles.

so in this article we will discuss all these offers along with postpaid offers as well.

Also At the end of article we will conclude about best internet bundles from Telenor.

Telenor Daily Internet Bundles

Telenor provides daily internet offers to their users and have a vast range in daily offers like 4G Daily Lite Bundle, Raat Din Offer, Telenor Video Bundle.

Most of them are pure internet offers no hidden social MB’s etc.

We will tell you about each single package along with their subscription codes and direct activation codes.

All these packages are under 20 rupees Telenor internet packages for the users.

So lets get towards the table of daily internet offers.

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetailsActivate Now
4G Daily Lite BundleRs. 14.28Dial *12#50 MBActivate 4G Daily Lite Bundle
Raat Din OfferRs. 18Dial *150#1.5GB (12AM – 12PM)Activate Raat Din Offer
Telenor Video BundleRs.10Dial *60#500MB (1 hour)Activate Telenor Video Bundle

Note: All above Telenor packages are latest updated in 2022 for the users.

After the daily offers Telenor also provides 3 days bundles to their users so lets talk about them.

Telenor 3 Days Internet Bundles

In 3 days offers Telenor provides 2 major Telenor internet packages.

  1. All In One Offer
  2. 4G 3 Day Bundle

Both of them are nearly 50 Pkr and gives you almost 500MB’s of internet.

in below table you can see their subscription codes and also you can activate them directly from our website.

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetailsActivate Now
All In One OfferRs. 54.89Dial 500 MBActivate All In One Offer
4G 3 Day BundleRs. 49Dial *32#200MB + Free 200MB for FacebookTelenor 4G Monthly Packages for Prepaid CustomersActivate 4G 3 Day Bundle

Note: All packages are recently updated and checked from our members personally.

After the 3 days bundles offer in Telenor Internet packages category the other most popular package category is Weekly internet package so lets move to them.

Weekly Internet Offers

Telenor weekly internet package is one of the most wanted package list from Telenor that are most activated among the users.

The reason the are most activated packages are their data volume and pricing.

Telenor gives best pricing to the users along with lot of data in these bundles.

These bundles includes 5 best packages listed below:

  1. Weekly Internet All In One+ Offer
  2. Weekly Internet All In One
  3. 4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Bundle
  4. Weekly Super 4G
  5. 4G Weekly Ultra WorldCup Offer

These Telenor internet packages gives you data and Telenor WhatsApp package also so user can use Telenor WhatsApp package with in the weekly bundles offer.

If you are Ufone user and want to see Ufone internet packages then see our Ufone internet packages article.

below is the table for all data, you can subscribe them from quick activation now below:

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetailsActivate Now
Weekly Internet All In One+ OfferRs.190Dial *345*88#3500 MB Internet for the week, 150 Telenor minutes and Rs. 50 for ALL NETWORK calls and SMS.Activate Weekly Internet All In One+ Offer
Weekly Internet All In OneRs.120Dial *345*75#1,500 MBActivate Weekly Internet All In One
4G Weekly Unlimited Internet BundleRs. 101.58Dial *345*144#2500 MBActivate 4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Bundle
4G Weekly SuperRs 120Dial *288#2GB + 500MB (WhatApp/Goonj/GameBox)Activate 4G Weekly Super
4G Weekly Ultra WorldCup OfferRs 170Dial *336#12 GB + 1 GB GoonjActivate 4G Weekly Ultra WorldCup Offer

you can see above that all weekly packages includes Telenor WhatsApp package and are in the range between 100 Pkr to 200 Pkr for 7 days.

And now here is the most waited category of Telenor Internet Packages.

The Telenor monthly internet package list, Lot of peoples love to activate them.

Because, it gives you data for whole monthly with unstop social media experiences.

Telenor Monthly Internet Package

Monthly internet offer means “Sakoon” for 30 days and actually Telenor gives you that with their 5 best Bundles listed below:

  1. Monthly Facebook and Whatsapp Offer
  2. 4G Monthly Lite
  3. 4G Monthly bundle
  4. Monthly All In One
  5. 4G Monthly Starter Bundle

All these packages in Telenor Internet Packages gives you both social media, Telenor WhatsApp package and other data.

So Telenor Monthly Internet Package table is below to check:

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetailsActivate Now
Monthly Facebook and Whatsapp OfferRs. 38.47 (Load Rs. 50)Dial *911#Facebook & WhatsApp: 3000 MBInternet: 100 MBActivate Monthly Facebook and Whatsapp Offer
4G Monthly LiteRs. 200Dial *301#2000 MB + 1000 MB for WhatsApp/Goonj/GameBoxActivate 4G Monthly Lite
4G Monthly bundleRs. 597.50Dial *303#9,000 MBActivate 4G Monthly bundle
4G Monthly Starter BundleRs. 300Dial *302#4000 MB + 4000 MB (1 AM – 7 AM)Activate 4G Monthly Starter Bundle
Monthly All In OneRs. 418.25Dial *345*246#5,000 MBActivate Monthly All In One

As you can see above it gives you Telenor WhatsApp package data and other data as well.

After best Telenor weekly internet package and monthly package we have some more packages for you.

Telenor Postpaid Internet Offers

In postpaid offers Telenor provides to bundles to the users:

  1. Freedom Internet 2000
  2. Freedom Internet 1200

In below table you will see information for both these packages:

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetailsActivate Now
Freedom Internet 2000Rs. 2000Dial *345#25GBActivate Freedom Internet 2000
Freedom Internet 1200Rs. 1200Dial *345#12GBActivate Freedom Internet 1200

if you want to get freebies then sim lagao offer Telenor is for you, if your sim is unused for 30 days then you can avail sim lagao offer Telenor and get get free calls and internet for next 60 days just by Call 2222 or SMS “FREE” to 2222 (charges: Rs. 0.2).

sim lagao offer Telenor offer is only for the users who didn’t use their sim from 30 days.

you can also get Telenor social package monthly in this offer as well.

so that’s all for the information lets move to the conclusion section.


We discussed that Telenor gives you best packages along with sim lagao offer Telenor lets discuss about Telenor internet speed.

Lets discuss some points:

  1. Telenor Coverage
  2. 3G/4G/internet Speed
  3. Telenor packages cost

Telenor coverage is most famous in Pakistan because of its coverage in northern area’s.

Most of the Telecom networks fails to give services in northern areas but Telenor give you that.

So I think it is a plus point for Telenor.

Internet speed of Telenor is up to mark and gives you best internet speed in mostly areas.

Lets check your Telenor internet speed by most famous tool Speedtest by Ookla.

Telenor net package cost is the last factor to discuss.

Telenor gives you best packages with lot of data to use and prices are average for middle class person.

So in last if you compare Ufone prices and Telenor Prices then I think Telenor get a edge.

Lets Check your Sindh number vehicle information from Online Sindh Vehicle Verification.

So that’s all for this article hope you like it. Thanks for reading.

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