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Hello all, We as a Pakistan Sahulat are here to guide you about “Sindh vehicle verification” and its online “MTMIS SINDH”. So first of all What is MTMIS SINDH or Sindh vehicle Verification?

The quick answer is, it is online platform for the cars of Sindh to get there information’s like Car ownership, car color, car registration date, Car Registration No., Car Make, Car Engine No., Last Tax Payment, Vehicle Model, Body Type, Model Year, Seating Capacity, CPLC Info, Safe Custody, Horse Power, and Class of Vehicle.

online excise and taxation sindh
online excise and taxation sindh

So that was the info of what you got at Sindh Vehicle Verification lets move towards how you can get this information for any vehicle and what are the things you required to get this information.

What you need to get any car information?
You just need a vehicle registration number to get its all information.

Where I found vehicle registration number?
At the number plate of your vehicle or car, and also at the book or smart card of your vehicle.

Get car information from online vehicle verification Sindh is to easy so lets get towards this part, but before going to this part let me know if you want to visit this amazing post? Lulusar Lake: A Destination Guide.

Online excise and taxation Sindh – mtmis sindh

To get information about your car visit online excise and taxation Sindh official website or just click or tap on the button below:

sindh vehicle verification

After you get to the official website of online excise and taxation Sindh you will see following things.

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So her you can see you have some options to select and enter, like Four Wheelers or Two Wheelers.

So if you want to get information about your Car then select Four Wheeler and if you want to information about your Motorcycle then select two wheeler.

After that, there is a text box where you have to enter your Vehicle Registration Number Like BJF – 692.
Note: you have to enter your number with “-“, it is must so numbers like BJF692 or BJF 692 will be not considered.

Moving forward, you will see a checkbox from google which says “I’m not a robot”, So Tick that Checkbox.

And finally click or tap on Search Button or if you want to change info then click on Clear Button.

After this process for Sindh vehicle verification you will get the following page:

You will see some of the information about your car here like Registration No., Make, Engine No. and a button at the end as View Details.

So click or tap on View Details to get Sindh vehicle verification and you will see this type of window.

vehicle verification sindh online
So finally you will see all type of information for your vehicle.

Explanation of Information:

Let me explain all the fields one by one, At the top left you will see Registration No. so it is the same registration number of the car that you have entered to find info.
After that, You will see Make at the right top, So What is Make of the Vehicle?

Make of the Vehicle is the Brand of Vehicle. e-g Toyota, Honda, Suzuki etc.

After that you will see Registration Date, So What does Registration Date of Vehicle means?
Registration Date of vehicle means in which year and date vehicle is first registered in mtmis system.

Moving towards the Tax Payment, So What is Tax Payment for Vehicle?
Tax payment or token payment for vehicle is same which means you have to give tax to government to run your vehicle on the road.
Note: Now you can pay your token fee or tax payment online as well at sindh vehicle verification, Visit this site to get information Tax online Payment.

Along with tax payment you will see Engine number, So engine number is the number of engine that is installed on your vehicle.

After that, You will see Vehicle Model, So What is Vehicle Model?
Vehicle model refers to the name of the product for example Toyota is the make of vehicle and Corolla is the model of vehicle.

More Explanations for mtmis Sindh:

Body type is the next one I am going to explain for you! So What is body type of the any vehicle?
there are 8 different body types of vehicles i-e,
1. Hatchback
2. Sedan/Saloon
4. Coupe
5. Convertible
6. Wagon
7. Van
8. Jeep

so these are the different body types of cars, here you will see which body type of your are as in this case we have “SALOON” body type.

Owner Ship:

In Sindh vehicle verification other thing is Owner name so it is the name of the person who owns this vehicle.
After that, Model Year so it is the year in which this vehicle is launched.

Seating Capacity means how many passenger’s can sit in your vehicle.

After that, You will get CPLC, So What is CPLC in Pakistan?
CPLC is the short form of Citizen Police Liaison Committee, which is first stablished in 1989 in Karachi city. In Cars CPLC clear means your vehicle did not included in any crime related things.

Safe Custody is the next one in the list, So What is Safe Custody for cars??
Safe Custody or Supurdari basically meant for the legal owner of the vehicle kept at Nazarat.

The Second last in the list is Horse Power, What is Horse Power of the Vehicle?
Horse power is simply the power of your car engine.

And the last one is class of vehicle?
it indicates that the car is private of public, PR is used for private and PB is used for the public sector cars.


Mtmis Sindh or online vehicle verification Sindh is to easy now a days many of the android apps are also providing this facility.

We tried our best to give you all information about online excise and taxation Sindh so if you like our article the must appreciate us by commenting and sharing our website to your friends and families.

Other then that Click here if you want to see Punjab Vehicle verification.

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