Shogran: A Destination Guide.


Shogran is a beautiful hill station just before Naran and Kaghan Valley. Here, in this destination guide, we recommend few places to visit on your trip to Shogran. Shogran is open for tourists throughout the calendar year. This green plateau is at a height of 2,369 m above sea level. Shogran hosts maximum visitors from the months of June to August which is the peak season for its tourism. The lush green meadows, the snow peak mountains, and dense forest add serenity to its environment.

Here, are few places we recommend to visit and capture your memories.
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Balakot is a town in Mansehra District, KPK, Pakistan. It serves as a hub for tourists to get supplies for their trips to northern areas. It was completely destroyed in the destructive earthquake on 8th October 2005. The government, humanitarian aid, and efforts have restored the town, people’s rehabilitation, and their livelihood. Balakot itself is a beauty to enjoy, as it lays at the foot of majestic mountains with River Kunhar flowing through it.


Kiwai Waterfall:

Kiwai Waterfall is a famous tourist point. The innovativeness of the locals is that they have established a hotel on the waterfall. After a tiring journey to and from Shogran, it is freshening to have a cup of tea while feet dipped in cold water coming from the glaciers. Do not forget to take a lot of pictures.

Kiwai Waterfall Hotel

Siri Paye – Shogran:

Siri Paye the main tourist attraction of the Shogran. The name Siri Paye means head and legs. The lake point is known as Siri while the Paye top is lush green meadows. Horse Riding is a preferred activity over here as the journey is too steep and tiring from Shogran. Tourists reach the Siri and Paye top thru the Jeep trek of 6KM from Shogran which is also one of the dangerous roads in Pakistan.

There are different myths about the name of Siri and Paye. One myth is that there was a Hindu lady named Siri who fell in love with the Paye who lived at the top. Another traditional story says that a woman’s goat was hunted by a lion whose head remains were found at Siri and legs were found at Paye top. Whatever is the real story is, but the place provides mesmerizing views above 3,000 meters (10,000 ft) above sea level.

Siri Lake Shogran
Paye meadow

Mini Zoo Shogran:

Shogran forest is home to different breeds of birds and wild animals. The local authorities have set up a mini zoo which has different types of birds for tourists to see.

Shogran Mini Zoo

Makra Choti (Spider’s Peak):

Makra Choti is a natural peak of the Himalayan Range, in Mansehra Region. It takes 8 to 12 hours to trek this 3,885 m high peak from Siri Paaye top. It is known as Makra (Spider) Peak because of its appearance similar to spiders when covered in snow during winters.

Makra Choti (Spider Peak)
Makra Peak through Paye Top


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Shogran is a beautiful tourist spot in Mansehra, KPK, Pakistan. To take a break from daily stressful routine life, Shogran is a wonderful weekend trip. It provides peaceful, relaxing views of the surroundings and is a host to tourists throughout the year. In Winter, Shogran is covered in snow. The road to Siri Paye is closed in winter because of heavy snowfall. To capture the moments and the serenity of Shugran, do take a lot of pictures and videos.

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