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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has introduced mobile verification and IMEI checker in 15th January 2019 because of Government of Pakistan imported phones Tax restrictions. There are two different methods for PTA verification 1, Online Verification. 2, Via SMS Verification. PTA has the DIRBS website and mobile application. In which you can easily verify your phone IMEI by only one click. There are also so many other websites which are use for IMEI Verification. But the PTA Official website is best for any type of mobile verification. If your phone has not registered You should go to the PTA mobile registration website or read the below Instructions.

What is IMEI Checker or PTA Verification?

IMEI Checker

An IMEI represents International Mobile Equipment Identity. Consider it your telephone’s fingerprint impression – it’s a 15-digit number special to every gadget. Telephone company and producers share IMEI numbers to empower following of cell phones that might be taken or compromised.

Try not to befuddle the IMEI number with the chronic number recorded on the phone. Makers just utilize chronic numbers inside; IMEI numbers are standard across the business.

If you buy a telephone and discover that the telephone is blocked or blacklisted, your choices are restricted. blocked IMEI numbers are divided among company and can’t be handily unblocked. At the point when your mobile is locked to a specific organization, the IMEI number won’t work until the company eliminates the lock. Your main cure is to contact the past company or organization and request that they open your phone.

PTA Verification

PTA Verification is also work via IMEI. For mobile IMEI checker and registration, Everyone can easily do it by using PTA mobile application and website. If your phone didn’t been registered, you can also registered your phone. For mobile registration

It is very easy to check IMEI number and register your unregistered mobile phone on PTA . All you have to do is to download the PTA app and submit information related to the phone. Once its done, they will issue a challan number which could easily be paid online through mobile banking. Once the last step is completed, your phone will be registered.

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Verification via Mobile App

Go to the google play store or app store For downloading PTA IMEI Checker Application.

*Note: Make sure that you have download PTA Official application. Not a third party application because they can stole your personal data.

  • Download the PTA IMEI Checker app.
  • Install the app in your phone and allow all permissions.
  • Then enter your 15 digits IMEI number in application checker box.
  • Click on the submit button to go for the next step.
  • In few seconds, they will show you all information about your phone verification.

Read Full Instructions for IMEI Checker and PTA Verification

Go to the IMEI Info Website. Then click on the check IMEI button on the navigation bar to go to the IMEI checking section.

If you don’t have your IMEI Number. Dial *#06# on your phone. Then your IMEI number will appear on your Screen.

imei checker, pta verification, pta mobile registration

Do exactly as i’m doing

  • Scroll down for the IMEI section.
  • Enter Your 15 Digit IMEI Number.
  • Click on the I am Human Checkbox.
  • Then click on the check button to go for the next step.

Here you will get all information about your phone

  • Firstly read all the specification and then compare it to your phone.
  • Make sure that you type your official IMEI number. Otherwise you will get error.
  • If this specification didn’t match to your phone. You should go to the PTA Verification website and submit your complain or dial 051-9207059 for emergency call.
imei checker, pta verification,
imei checker,  pta verification, pta mobile registration

Here you can read more details of your phone

*Note: Don’t give your IMEI number to any strangers or any third party person

  • If you want to read more about your phone. Click on the read more button to go to the next page.
  • Here you can easily report on your lost phone.
  • You can also buy your phone here.

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New rules for overseas import mobiles

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has introduced some new rules for overseas Pakistani’s. This rule was held under the notified “Type Approval Technical Standards Regulations 2021”. They indicate that passenger can be import only 5 mobile devices in each year for only personal use. The terminal equipment will include devices with Allocation Codes (TACs).It will be issued by the GSMA with a PTA-issued approval certificate. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will not be responsible for any surcharges and other challans.

The aim behind this step is to limit the import of technical equipment, making consumers consider locally assembled mobile phones and buying them. Government of Pakistan and PTA is working on a local assemble phone companies rules to made a high quality and full of latest features smartphones for a local Pakistani users. Which will be the greatest opportunity for local market.

A rise in the taxes on imported devices has been observed. In this respect, we are left with considering our local market. The local Smartphone market are growing day by day. There are lot of competition between chinese phones in Pakistan. Most of the peoples like to buy a local assemble phones cause of tax issues. There are some worthy names that we must not forget which are Vivo, Tecno, and Realme, etc. 

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