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PIA Pakistan International Airlines is the national Airline of Pakistan. They change some of there flight rules by COVID-19. As you are generally mindful, because of the circumstance of the worldwide COVID-19 (novel Covid-19) episode. We are working a predetermined number of trips during this period. These flights are also dependent upon endorsements from the Government of Pakistan, and from separate nations’ legislatures and important specialists. PIA Ticket provider are working intimately with specialists. We plan to step by step get back to normal activities when conditions permit.

PIA Contact Center

Pakistan International Airline Contact Center is working nonstop to react to every one of your inquiries and concerns. However because of the great volume of approaching calls, we comprehend that many calls might be left unanswered. We demand you to generously help out us, and in the event that you’re not going in the following 48 hours. Kindly stand by and call us again later. We will give our all to work with you according to your assumptions. Assuming that you have booked your seat through your Travel Agent, if it’s not too much trouble, reach them straightforwardly.

For more information about flights call PIA Contact Center every minute of every day helpline: +92-21-111-786-786

History of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines)

It was born on 23rd October 1946, Initially registered as a pilot project in Kolkata. Previously, PIA was known as Orient Airways Ltd, and then on 29th October 1946, the name of this airline has change into PIA. It had at its helm Mr. M.A. Ispahani as Chairman and Air Vice Marshal O.K. Carter as General Manager.

Air transport has likely never been more vital to the improvement of another country than on account of Pakistan. In June 1946, when Pakistan was as yet in the offing, Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of the forthcoming country, taught Mr. M.A. Ispahani, a main industrialist, to set up a public carrier, on vital premise. With his solitary vision and foreknowledge, Mr. Jinnah understood that with the development of the two wings of Pakistan. It isolated by 1100 miles, and also a quick and proficient method of transport was basic.

Pakistan international airline

PIA Airline Quality

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is Certified as a 2-Star Airline because of the quality of its airport service, onboard product and staff service. These all ratings includes Airbus seats, food service, air hostess service, beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff.

PIA Ticket Inquires – Step by step guide

Pakistan International Airlines has simple ticket booking system, in which they also allow all the booking agencies and online booking websites to book their ticket. In these days, all the Customers like to buy any airline ticket online. All online booking websites are growing, because of Pandemic.

In these steps, we will teach you that how also can buy PIA ticket sitting at home by using your Smart phone. Go to the PIA official website

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Open this website and wait for the some seconds to load it and then scroll for the next step.

pia ticket
pia ticket

In this section, Select the booking method, For example Return, One way or multi city.

  • Select your Departure airport
  • Select Departure date.
  • Select arrival airport
  • If you select return ticket, then select the return date.
  • Enter passenger details
  • Select the Cabin
  • Tick on the my dates are flexible. So they will show you all the nearest flights to your date.
  • Click on the find flights button to go for the next step.

Here you will get all flights of next 7 days with time and full price details. Select the flight and then click on the Continue button to complete selection.

pia ticket
pia ticket

Here you will get full details of your flight with fare. click on the select button to for the next section.

In the below section, read all the information and fare. Then click on the continue button to go for the next section

pia ticket
pia ticket

In these step, they will ask you about your personal details.

  • Enter your gender
  • Select your title
  • Enter the passenger name and surname.
  • Select your date of birth
  • Select your Nationality country
  • Select other services
  • If you already a member of award plus, then enter your award plus member id.
  • Sroll down for the below information.
  • Enter your name and surname
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your Email address.
  • Scroll down and click on the button to submit your information
pia ticket
pia ticket

Click on the start seat selection button to select seat.

Green icon will be your selected seat.

Gray icon is unavailable or booked seats.

Yellow icon is Standard seat which is availabe

pia ticket
pia ticket

If your luggage is more than 40Kg, Click on the add Baggage button to add more luggage.

Click on the continue button to go for the payment section

pia ticket
pia ticket

In the payment section, they will ask you about your bank account details.

  • Select your Credit card type
  • Enter Card holder name
  • Enter Card number
  • Enter the card expiry date
  • Enter CVV number which is known as Card Verification Value
  • Enter your Address 1 and Address 2
  • Select your country. Make sure that you select that company where your bank and account is located.
  • Enter your city name
  • Enter you 5 numbers of postal code
  • Tick one the rules and condition
  • Then click on the buy ticket button to proceed payment

You will get your ticket confirmation message via SMS and Email

Pakistan international airlines

Term’s and Condition’s

  • Change of booking (COB) is permitted on Web tickets subject to PIA’s agreements.
  • Web-tickets are non-adaptable, non-endorsable, non re-routable and non-interchangeable.
  • All un-used web tickets are OK for discount according to Pakistan International Airlines discount approaches (Conditions apply).
  • Pakistan International Airlines maintains all authority to change/update/adjust the previously mentioned conditions and punishments whenever, with no notification. If there should be an occurrence of any contention, the carrier’s perspective will win concerning the abovementioned.
  • If the ticket isn’t quickly bought on briefly held booking produced using web or versatile, the cost might be exposed to modifications in a similar RBD/toll class at the hour of ticket buy because of the powerful idea of aircrafts’ estimating choices. Such cases, another level cost will be applied to the ticket gave on the web.

How to get PIA airline ticket in cheap prices

In these steps, we will teach you that how you can buy a cheap ticket or a low price ticket. Here you can easily compare different tickets by price and also other features

Pakistan international airlines

search the sasta ticket website and then open it.

  • Select the Flying from airport
  • Select the flying to aiport
  • Select departure date
  • Click on the search button to find cheap tickets.
Pakistan international airlines
Pakistan international airlines

Here you will get different airlines tickets. Select your cheap ticket and buy it.

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