Lulusar Lake: A Destination Guide

Lulusar Lake is one of the biggest, natural, and beautiful lakes in Naran. This lake is situated at 3,410 meters (11,190 ft). Previously it was not easily accessible but now the case is different. It is a major tourist spot. This lake is the primary headwater of the Kunhar River.

This lake is located around 50kms from Naran. A visit to this lake not only adds beautiful memories but is also a tranquilizing experience.

Directions to Lulusar Lake

Taking Islamabad M1 Motorway toll plaza as a starting point, it is a 312km journey via vehicle. The journey not only involves a drive-thru motorway but also passes through the beautiful Hazara expressway M15 ultimately joining N15 interwinding River Kunhar throughout.

This journey to Lulusar Lake from Islamabad M1 motorway takes 7 hours and 12 minutes approximately and an honest review would be that this long journey would be worth it.

Here are the stopovers I would recommend during the journey to make it more memorable.

A Stopover at Balakot:

lulusar lake
Balakot View

Starting from M1 motorway Islamabad and passing thru Hazara Expressway till Shahta interchange is a journey of 130km which would take around 1 hour 37 minutes to 2 hours. Taking the right exit from Shahta Interchange to Balakot is a distance of 28.4 km but due to traffic flow and road conditions, it takes another 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Balakot.

Before proceeding further towards Lulusar Lake, a stopover at Balakot would be refreshing. Fueling up the car, stretching yourself, and having some snacks would recharge you up for the next phase of the journey.

The city came into the media limelight after the 2005 earthquake as it had suffered major damage. During your stopover, you would see how life has resumed to its normal as people have rebuilt the city with the help of government and international aid.

Kewai – Gateway to Kaghan Naran Valley – lulusar lake

Kiwai Waterfall Restaurant ,lulusar lake
Kiwai Waterfall Restaurant
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As mentioned in our destination guide to Shogran. Kewai or Kiwai waterfall is a must place to stop over during your journey to northern areas. The restaurant made on the waterfall enhances the journey experience. Having tea and hot snacks while the cold water of the waterfall running beneath your feet is an unmatchable experience.

This phase of the journey is 28.4 km away from Balakot city and takes 1 hour to reach. During your journey to northern areas, this place will be always highlighted due to cars parked and people enjoying their tea and snacks.


Continuing the journey to Lulusar Lake, from Kewai to Naran is a distance of 59.6 km which would take an approx time of 2 hours and 30 minutes. As Naran is already a famous tourist point and a hub of tourism in the Kaghan-Naran Valley. It is home to more than 100 hotels of different categories. A night stay is recommended for your trip to Lulusar Lake.

Enjoy the view of River Kunhar, fish some trout, and have some get-together maybe a bonfire as well.


Proceeding from Naran towards Lulusar you will pass through Batakundi. The famous spot is known as Naran or Batakundi Waterfalls. It is now gathering tourist attraction due to its beautiful nature and more hotels are being established.

This tourist spot is 15.5 km away from Naran and takes around 25 to 30 minutes to reach here.

Jal Khand Valley

Jal Khand or Jalkhad Valley is at a distance of 25 km from Batakundi and 40kms from Naran. This journey takes around 30 minutes from Batakundi. A beautiful valley with some captivating and refreshing views. The lush green meadows surrounded by the high peaks provide a satisfying purpose to the journey.

Pyala Lake

Nearby Jal Khand valley is Pyala Lake. It is named Pyala locally which means bowl in English. A must-visit spot when you stop over at Jal Khand valley.

Lulusar Lake View Point

Around 10 km from Jal Khand is our destination of Lulusar Lake viewpoint. It would take around 18 to 20 minutes to reach this spot. A truly mesmerizing lake fenced by the snow cap mountains. This L-shaped lake is 3 km long and is the primary source of River Kunhar. At approx 11,000 ft this lake is mesmerizing and truly enchanting.

Do not forget to take a lot of pictures.

Bonus – Tiger Peak

On the east of the lake is a Tiger Peak, a less known peak but a difficult one to trek is an adventurers dream trek. Its rocky nature and similarities are to that of Tiger Peak in Ladakh. Moreover, it has 2 lakes at the bottom of the peak. The trek is a difficult one as the peak stands 15000 ft tall.


Lulusar Lake is a natural and beautiful lake, but the trip to Lulusar lake is worth the long journey made from Islamabad or other areas accordingly. During the trip to Lulusar Lake, other tourist attractions, natural valleys, and spots are the photographer’s dreams.

For the adventurers, the lake also provides to be the base to trek a lesser-known Tiger Peak which is full of adventurers and a dangerous peak to trek.

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