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Hello and welcome to Pakistan Sahulat website, So today we bring another E service of Pakistan which is Lesco Online Bill Payment.
So lets start to learn how to do lesco bill check.

First of all lets talk about LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company). This company is founded in 1982 and its headquarter is in Lahore.

lesco bill online

Lahore Electric Supply Company provides electricity to districts of Lahore, Okara, Sheikhupura, Nankana and Kasur in Pakistan.

So today we will talk about these things one by one:

  • How to get lesco duplicate bill.
  • How to do lesco bill check.
  • Complete procedure and guide about how you can pay LESCO online bill.

So lets start our guide, but before starting if you want to learn how you can pay IESCO and K Electrics online bills then click on given links.
Also if you want more E services then visit on given link.

How to get lesco duplicate bill:

Getting duplicate bills are so easy nowadays with thanks to the internet and E services providers in Pakistan.

So first of all, you have to find any provider who gives you this type of service. but luckily we are provides you this services.

Add your Reference No# below and get a click on View/Duplicate bill.

If you don’t remember or know your reference number then enter you customer ID in below form to get copy of bill.
If you are facing any trouble in these methods then click on this link to visit LESCO duplicate bill official website
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Similarly, above you can check your online bill also, so lets talk about that.

How to do lesco bill check:

Lesco bill check is so easy as there are lot of websites giving this service to their users.
As we are also giving this service to our users so lets start a short talk about this.

To check your online bill enter your reference number in below box.

lesco duplicate bill

if you don’t have reference number then enter you customer ID below to check your online LESCO bill.

lesco bill check

So that’s it from bill check menu, Lets get towards the last part of article.

Complete procedure and guide about how to LESCO Online Bill:

In this era, Paying online bills are so easy with the help of EasyPaisa, Jazz Cash and other bank accounts.

So you can pay online bill by following methods:

  • EasyPaisa
  • Jazz Cash
  • Online Bank Accounts (Online Banking)
Pay Online Bill By EasyPaisa:

Paying bills online is to easy, with thanks to EasyPaisa, So below are the steps to pay your bill by EasyPaisa.

1st Step:

lesco bill

After login to your EasyPaisa account from your mobile, Tap on Bill Payment to open that section.

2nd Step:

In pay your bills section, Tap on enter a new bill to pay button, so that you can pay your lesco bill.

3rd Step:

In this section, you have to select your bill type. So here select Electricity to move further.

4th step:

Select, LESCO from that panel to go further.

5th Step:

Now Finally, In this section enter your bill reference number to see your outstanding of the bill.

6th Step (Last):

And when you see your LESCO bill out standings then tap on pay button to pay your Lesco bill by EasyPasia.

That’s all from EasyPaisa bill payment, You have seen how easy is to pay your bills online by this method, so lets move to another payment method for LESCO bill.

After EasyPaisa, there is another easy payment method which is known as Jazz Cash, Let’s move to it.

Pay Online Bill By Jazz Cash:

Getting Lesco duplicate bill and paying it by Jazz cash is to easy, Below are the following steps you have to follow.

1st Step: Login to your Jazz Cash Mobile Account by entering your user number and password.

lesco duplicate bill

2nd Step: Tap on utility bills button to enter in bill payment section.

3rd Step: In select bill type, Tap on Electricity to pay LESCO bill Online by Jazz Cash.

lesco duplicate bill

Step 4: In select bill company select LESCO to pay its bill.

5th Step: You will find a text box where you have to enter you bill reference number to get your bill outstanding and to pay it.

6th Step: As you see your outstanding’s now, so enter your MPIN and tap on tick button to pay your bill.

Paying bills are that easy by Jazz cash, so hope you understand it.

After, Jazz cash we have some other payment methods to pay your LESCO bills that are Bank accounts.
In this era, where many of other methods are used to pay bills, Online banking channels are also strong enough to provide facilities to pay your bills by their online apps and websites.

Banks like Meezan, UBL, Faisal, Alfalah and many others provides these facilities, But today we will only discuss about Meezan bank.

Pay Online Bill By Meezan Bank:

Paying bills through Meezan bank is too easy we will guide you step by step here, So lets start.

Step 1:

After you login to your Meezan online banking app you will see the Bills & Top up button on main screen.

So click on this button to proceed further.

2nd Step:

You will see Add bills button on that screen.

So tap on this button for LESCO online bill.

3rd Step:

After step 2 you will see all companies list here, So search for LESCO from here.

By taping on this you will proceed to last step.

lesco duplicate bill

4th Step (Last):

In last Add your reference number in given text box and press the next button.

So You will get you bill outstanding of LESCO online and pay now button.

finally your bill will be payed by Meezan bank.

So above was the complete procedure of Meezan bank LESCO online bill, Like wise you can pay bills by other bank accounts like UBL, Fasil Bank etc.

Conclusion for lesco bill:

We have discussed almost 3 major methods to pay your bill and hopefully you can now pay your bills by online methods easily.
Our team is working hard to provide you other E services so stay in touch with us.
Also share this article with your friends and family members.
As in this era everybody wants some spare time for their family.
So this will help them to pay bills without headache of rushing towards bill payment points.
Thanks for reading Pakistan Sahulat E services article.

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