Saif ul Malook Lake: A Destination Guide.

Lake Saif ul Malook

Lake Saif ul Malook, a beautiful natural lake with snow-clad mountains is a must place to visit. In this destination guide, we bring you the journey and a love story linked to it.

This lake is 13 km north of Naran town a famous tourist spot. Malika Parbat (The Queen of Mountains) at 5,290 m (17,360 ft) is the highest peak of the valley and a difficult mountain to trek.

The layers of mountains behind the blue waters of Lake Saif ul Malook provide mesmerizing views. The layers of mountains behind the blue waters of Lake Saif ul Malook provide mesmerizing views to the visitors. It is also home to the famous trout fish.

The lake is accessible and at its glory in summer. In winter the lake is covered in a blanket of snow and is not accessible because of road closures due to heavy snowfall.

Frozen Lake in winter

Directions to Lake Saif Ul Malook:

Starting from Islamabad M1 toll plaza, it would take approx. 2 hours to cover the 153km distance from Motorway M1 to Motorway M16, via Hazara Expressway.

Take the right exit from Dhodhial, Mansehra to join the N15 highway to continue the journey towards Naran. This 107km journey will take approx. 4 hours of your travel time.

This part of the journey along with River Kunhar, takes you through the city of Balakot. Do not miss having tea and some pictures at Kiwai Waterfall Restaurant.

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You will reach Naran by passing through Kaghan which is another famous tourist spot.

Main Naran town is always crowded during the peak season. So the better route will be to skip through main Naran road and divert to Naran bypass road to Saiful Maluk road.

From Naran Bypass Road to Lake Saif ul Malook is 13kms of steep road journey. 6km road is carpeted while the remaining 7km is a Jeep Trek. Jeep from Naran town or Naran Bypass road would take around 50 minutes to reach the lake.

Activities to do at Lake Saif ul Malook:

It is a glacial lake and is located at 10,578 ft above sea level. Here are some activities which tourists usually do when they are at the lake.

  • Boating: A trip through the lake on boat just relaxes the travel tiredness. It is one of the favourite activity of the tourists at the lake.
  • Horse Riding: You can hire a horse to ride to the other end of the lake. This activity is alternative to the boating while some tourists just want to participate in every activity.
  • Pictures: Do not forget to take a lot of pictures as capturing memories is also important when you visit these places.
  • Story of the Lake: The tourists also listen to the story of the lake thru elders of the area. It is an economic activity for the local elders and the enjoyment of listening to the story from elders is just like hearing bedtime stories from your grand parents.

Story of the Lake Saif ul Malook:

Lake Saif ul Malook viewpoint

The Dream – Saif ul Malook:

Every place has a story attached to it. This lake has a quite different and unique love story. One of its kind of fairy tale as described by the famous Sufi Poet, Mian Muhammad Bakhsh in his book named Saif ul Malook. The lake is named after a legendary Egyptian Prince. They say that this Prince named Saif saw a beautiful fairy princess Badi ul Jamala in his dream at this very lake along with the mountains surrounding the lake.

The prince shared his dream with this father and expressed interest to marry this fairy princess. His father explained to him such marriage is not possible as they are two different creations. Humans are made of clay while Fairies are made of light(fire). But the prince did not listen. He took the decision to find the fairy and left the castle in search of his dream.

The Search – Saif ul Malook:

He wandered for a month in Egypt as he did not find a way to reach this lake. Some old wise man when came to know about the prince and his dream, and gave him a cap as a gift which had two genies. The genies guided and showed him the path to reach this lake.

He reached this lake and saw the mesmerizing view and confirmed that this is the same location he saw in his dream. He camped at the edge of the lake and prayed to God while waiting for that fairy princess.

On the 14th night of the moon, the fairy princess came along with her seven fairy friends to bathe in the lake. The prince then captured the fairy and told her the dream he had about her and how her love has brought him to this place. The prince himself was handsome and revealed himself to the fairy.

The fairy agreed to the proposal but asked her to let go as she and her kingdom was in captive of a giant and has been only granted permission to come to the lake. The prince vowed to protect her at all costs and did not let her go.

The seven fairy friends returned to the kingdom and upon the questioning, they told the giant that the princess had left with a human prince. The giant then came to the lake and caused destruction to the surroundings of the lake in anger.

Meanwhile, the prince and the fairy hid in a cave a few miles down where the town of Naran is now populated. The giant unable to find them went to different areas causing destruction and was finally cursed by an old wise man. The curse made him petrified in a region named Deosai.

Conclusion – Saif ul Malook:

Lake Saif ul Malook is a beautiful place to visit and the story helps to envisage the fold of events at the lake. Its tourism window is at its peak in the summer months from June to September. Once on the lake, one cannot resist falling in love with the place. With its cool temperatures, majestic mountains, and blue waters, no doubt the legendary prince fell in love with the place.

Frozen lake with mountains
Lake during summer

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