Kumrat Valley: A Destination Guide.

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan and in the world as well. In this destination guide, we list down activities to do and places to visit on your trip to Kumrat Valley.

Located in KPK, this was recently discovered in May 2016, by the leader of the political party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf PTI and Prime Minister Imran Khan. Imran Khan’s visit highlighted the beauty of the valley and ever since it is welcoming tourists from all over Pakistan and the world.

Kumrat Valley is filled with dense forest and greeneries, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, and springs.

Directions to Kumrat Valley:

Starting from Islamabad Toll Plaza at Motorway M1, the 340km to Thal Village is an 8-hour journey and another 45 minutes to Kumrat Valley.

The first part of the journey is Islamabad to Karnal Sher Khan Interchange via Motorway M1. It takes around 1 hour 10 minutes to cover 92.6 km.

Exit from Karnal Sher Khan Interchange to M-16 Swat Motorway to Chakdara Bridge, which is another 1 hour 10-minute journey to cover 84.3 km.

The third phase of the journey will take 3 hours and 10-minute to cover 103 km N-45 road from Chakdara Bridge to Bab e Kumrat (the gateway to Kumrat). The Panjkora river interwinding with the road will never make your drive boring.

The 4rth phase of the trip will take a tiring 3 hours journey to Thal Main Market via Patraak. From Thal it is a Jeep-trek trail. Tourists need to park their vehicles in Thal and rent a Jeep or 4WD to continue the journey to Kumrat Valley.

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It will take another 45 minutes till Jeep drivers bring you to the Kumrat Valley.

Activities to do in Kumrat Valley:

Kumrat is a place which is recently discovered and gathering attraction. There are few hotels in the valley. But here is the list of activities you can do in Kumrat Valley.

  • Trekking / Hiking: This activity will be abdundant as most of the places need to be accessed by foot. For trekkers and hikers, visit to the valley is an adventurous one. Those who are not fond of trekking and hiking, will still be trekking as nobody can resist the beautiful nature of the Kumrat valley which it calls towards itself.
  • Camping: Though there are hotels in the valley, but camping in groups is a preferred activity of the groups. It is recommended to go camping in Kumrat and Jahaz Banda. An experience of a lifetime.
  • Bonfire: Whether you stay in hotel or your own camps, Bonfire is the absolute necessity of the trip. The warmth of the Bonfire in the cold nights of Kumrat Valley is a tremendous joy. Spending time among groups and friends with tales, music, singing and fun activities is ignited with the Bonfire.
  • Fishing: Panjkora river is the host to the famous Trout Fish. Fishing is not easy in this free flowing wild river. But it’s a thrill to catch a fish in this river. The Fishing enthusiasts will never miss out the opportunity.
  • Pictures / Photography: There is not a single soul who would not like to capture the beauty of the valley through their eyes. Unfortunately, there is no technology to capture the nature through eyes. But, we all have cameras, phones, and gadgets to capture the moments right infront of our eyes. Make sure to take a lot and lot of pictures. So you can take a walk down the memory lane whenever you want.

Best Places to visit in kumrat valley

Jamia Masjid Thal:

Thal is a small town before entering Kumrat Valley. Thal Jamia Masjid is a marvel of architecture. It is built of stones and woods on the banks of Panjkora River. The Mosque is decorated by the arts of the locals on the wooden pillars. It is a two-story masjid and the second story provides an excellent view of the valley and the river.

Jamia Masjid Thal
Jamia Masjid Thal

Wooden Canals Thal:

Wooden Canals Thal is a definition of engineering solutions with fewer resources. Unique in its style and structure, Wooden Canals serve irrigation systems for the fields of Thal.

Wooden Canals Thal
Wooden Canals Thal

Panjkora River:

Panjkora River is a 220km long river flowing from 11,800 ft above sea level through beautiful Kumrat Valley in KPK. For people interested in fishing, this river is home to the famous trout fish along with other types of fishes. The dense forest on both banks of the river provides a picturesque view for people to capture.

Panjkora River Kumrat Valley
Panjkora River Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Waterfall – kumrat valley:

Located in Upper DIR, KPK, Kumrat waterfall is a beautiful place to visit. The height, the speed, and the sounds of this waterfall are like the music of the valley. On your visit to the valley, do not miss visiting this place.

Kumrat Valley Waterfall
Kumrat Valley Waterfall


Dojanga is the northern boundary of Kumrat Valley. There is a wooden bridge which connects the two ends of the river for tourists and locals. Dojanga, locally means two pathways. One is a 9-hour trek to Shahzore Lake and the other path leads to Kundal Lake.

Dojanga wooden bridge
Dojanga wooden bridge

Kala Chashma (Black Spring) – Kumrat valley:

Do Kala Chashma is a fresh spring located 1.5 hours of distance from Kumrat Valley. It is named black springs because of black stones of the mountains. Despite the name, this spring is famous for its clear, fresh, and cold water from the mountains. It also provides mesmerizing views of the valley.

Kala Chashma, Kumrat Valley
Kala Chashma, Kumrat Valley

Crooked Woods:

Crooked Woods is a beautiful forest of Deodar trees in Kumrat Valley. It got its name because of bent gigantic trees. It is a wonderful place for camping and trekking and is a point of interest from a tourist’s perspective.

Crooked Wood Forest
Crooked Wood Forest

Jandrai / Takai Banda Trek:

Jandrai is a village and the Takai Banda is a drop-off point of Jeeps for trekking, hiking trips to Jahaz Banda, Katora Lake, and many other beautiful views, forests, rivers, and waterfalls.

Takai top trek to Jahaz Banda kumrat valley
Takai top trek to Jahaz Banda

Jahaz Banda Meadows:

Located at 3100 meters above sea level. The monstrous snow clad mountains enhance the beauty of the lush green meadows. It takes 5 to 7 hours from Jandrai Village to trek to this beautiful place. No words can justify the beauty of Jahaz Banda Meadows.

Kund Banda:

Just north east of Jahaz Banda, another valley, Kund Banda is located. Wonderful views of the valley from the base of mountains and rivers flowing just enchants a person with a smile and calmness.

Kund Banda View kumrat valley
Kund Banda View

Katora Lake:

Katora Lake is located at 11,500 ft above sea level near Jahaz Banda Meadows. This beautiful lake gets its water crystal clear water from the surrounding glaciers. Katora in Pashto is a bowl, and this lake got its name because of its bowl shape sitting at the foot of mountains. Another myth of the Katora Lake is that every friday a gold bowl appears at the surface in the center of the lake and disappears.

Katora Lake, Jahaz Banda, Kumrat Valley, credits: Asmar's Photography
kumrat valley
Katora Lake, Jahaz Banda, Kumrat Valley, credits: Asmar’s Photography
Katora Lake, Jahaz Banda kumrat valley
Katora Lake, Jahaz Banda


Kumrat Valley, Jahaz Banda, Kund Banda and everything surrounding is just like watching a painting come to life. It is beyond imagination that how God has created such a beauty with perfection which brings inner peace and calmness. The visit to Kumrat valley is like visiting a dream world, where nature speaks to you in its own language, helping you to forget the worldly matters for few days.

There is a fear that with commercialization there is a risk that the beauty of the valley will be affected. Though it can be managed by efective governement’s intervention and planning.

Capturing the valley, nature and everything in-camera would make you smile whenever you take a look down the memory lane.

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