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Hello and welcome to Pakistan Sahulat, Today we will discuss about Jazz Internet Packages includes “jazz WhatsApp package monthly”, “jazz monthly internet package”, “jazz weekly package” as well as “Warid internet packages”.

So lets start first by Jazz.

MobilinkJazz Internet Packages

jazz internet packages, jazz WhatsApp package monthly

After the merger of jazz and Warid, it become the best data providers in Pakistan, Jazz is also known as Mobilink.

The organization was founded in 1994, Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited started business as Mobilink jazz as Pakistan Mobile Network.

By the merger of jazz and Warid it also become internet service providers in Pakistan.

that’s all for jazz lets talk about Jazz internet packages.

Jazz Daily Data Package

In jazz daily internet package Mobilink provides vast range of bundles.

They provides 7 different bundles in this category which includes jazz data packages, Warid internet packages and jazz WhatsApp package too.

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here is the list of bundles in jazz daily internet package:

  1. Daily Social Package
  2. Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle
  3. Internet Hourly Extreme
  4. Daily Social Recursive Package
  5. Peak-Off-Peak Daily
  6. Daily Browser

All these packages are in range between 0-20 rupees and all the jazz data packages are also merged.

Below is the full data table for jazz daily internet package:

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation CodeActivate Now
Daily Social PackagePKR 7500MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp only1 Day*114*5#Activate Daily Social Package
Daily SMS + WhatsApp BundlePKR 7.210MBs for WhatsApp only 1800 SMS1 Day*334#Activate Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle
Daily Social Recursive PackagePKR 5.98200MB for Facebook & WhatsApp1 Day*455#Activate Daily Social Recursive Package
Daily Peak-Off-PeakPKR 24100MB for 24 hours, 1100MB for (2:00 AM to 2:00 PM)1 Day*117*4#Activate Daily Peak-Off-Peak
Daily BrowserPKR 11.9550MB1 Day*117*11#Activate Daily Browser
Internet Hourly ExtremePKR 20.322000MBNext 2 Hours*846#Activate Internet Hourly Extreme

So after the daily bundles of jazz internet packages we have one more option for the customers who wants to extend their limit from daily to 3 days.

Jazz Net Packages 3 Days

Jazz being the best data provider in Pakistan gave its users 2 packages in 3 Days category.

The list includes:

  1. 3 Day Browser
  2. 3 Day Extreme

in Extreme package user will get 500MB internet while in browser they get 100 MB.

Both these packages are between 15 to 25 PKR.

So to see the below table to get all data with subscription codes:

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation CodeActivate Now
3 Day BrowserPKR 25100MB3 Day*117*1#Activate 3 Day Browser
3 Day ExtremePKR 18500MB3 Day (Valid Only for 2AM to 2PM)*114*14#Activate 3 Day Extreme

So after the 3 days bundle we have most activated bundles of jazz that are jazz weekly internet package.

Jazz Weekly Internet Package

Weekly internet bundles are the first choice of many users as it give you more MBs and more time use them.

So in jazz weekly internet package we have a huge list mentioned below:

  1. Weekly Social
  2. Weekly YouTube
  3. Jazz Weekly Streamer
  4. Weekly Premium
  5. Weekly Mega
  7. Mega Plus Weekly
  8. Weekly-Extreme
  9. Weekly Plus

All these bundles in jazz internet packages are in range of 60-250 PKR.

They also includes jazz WhatsApp package for week.

So lets see the table below to get all the data for jazz weekly package:

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation CodeActivate Now
Weekly SocialPKR 605 GBs (24 Hours) IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook7 Days*660#Activate Weekly Social
Weekly YoutubePKR 805 GBs Youtube Data7 Days*570#Activate Weekly Youtube
Jazz Weekly StreamerPKR 951GB Data7 Days*117*7#Activate Jazz Weekly Streamer
Weekly PremiumPKR 1473GBs7 Days*117*47#Activate Weekly Premium
Weekly MegaPKR 2007GBs7 Days*159#Activate Weekly Mega
Weekly Mega PlusPKR 250Total 20 GB (10GBs Only from 2AM – 2PM Only)7 Days*453#Activate Weekly Mega Plus
Weekly-ExtremePKR 85.172500MB (Valid for 2:00 AM - 2:00 PM)7 Days*117*1#Activate Weekly-Extreme
Weekly PlusPKR 21012GB (6GB from 2 AM – 2 PM Only)7 Days*157#Activate Weekly Plus
WORK FROM HOME BUNDLERs.95 (Incl. Tax)10 GB DATA Unlimited Jazz Mins (8AM - 6PM)7 Days*117*14#Activate WORK FROM HOME BUNDLE

Note: If you want to compare Jazz weekly bundles with Telenor Bundles then Visit our Telenor Internet bundles article.

So after the weekly bundles we have jazz premium users bundles that are jazz monthly internet package.

Monthly Internet Bundles

In jazz monthly internet package they provides 5 bundles to the users that are listed below:

  1. Jazz Monthly Browser Package
  2. Jazz Monthly Mega Package
  3. Monthly Mega Plus Jazz
  4. Jazz Monthly Supreme Package
  5. Jazz Monthly Extreme Package

All these bundles are for those peoples who want uninterruptable data for whole month.

So these offers are best for them as compared to other internet providers because of price and data volume.

So here is the table for jazz monthly internet package:

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation CodeActivate Now
Jazz Monthly Browser PackagePKR 2154 GB (2GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 DayDial *117*77#Activate Jazz Monthly Browser
Jazz Monthly Mega PackagePKR 3758 GB (4GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 DayDial *117*31#Activate Jazz Monthly Mega
Jazz Monthly Mega PlusPKR 60012 GB (6GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 DayDial *117*30#Activate Jazz Monthly Mega Plus
Jazz Monthly Supreme PackagePKR 88520GB (10GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 DayDial *117*32#Activate Jazz Monthly Supreme
Jazz Monthly Extreme PackagePKR 1205000MBs(2AM-2PM) 30 DayDial *117*34#Activate Jazz Monthly Extreme

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After monthly bundles we have a special category that is 4G Data Sim Internet bundles in jazz internet packages.

4G Data Sim Internet Bundles

In this category these bundles are not jazz weekly internet package they are for the whole month.

So here is the list of these packages:

  1. Monthly Internet Basic Package
  2. Monthly Internet Regular
  3. Social
  4. Monthly Internet Heavy
  5. Smart Monthly 4G Data SIM Package
  6. Monthly Internet Mega

Note: These offers are only for 4G data sim so if you are using regular sim then these offer can not be activated on your sims.

Also some of these packages are social I-e jazz WhatsApp package.

So below is the table for jazz internet packages for 3G/4G sim.

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation CodeActivate Now
Monthly Internet Basic PackagePKR 99925GB (15GB 1am-9am)30 DaysDial *117*71#Activate Monthly Internet Basic
Monthly Internet RegularPKR 150060GB (30GB 1am-9am)30 DaysDial *117*73#Activate Monthly Internet Regular
Monthly Internet HeavyPKR 2500150GB (75GB 1am-9am)30 DaysDial *117*74#Activate Monthly Internet Heavy
SocialPKR 1506GB (Facebook & Whatspp Only)30 DaysDial *117*45#Activate Social
Smart Monthly 4G Data SIM PackagePKR 60015GB (7.5 1AM - 9AM)30 DaysDial *117*35#Activate Smart Monthly 4G
Monthly Internet MegaPKR 2000100GB (50 1AM - 9AM)30 DaysDial *117*36#Activate Monthly Internet Mega

The last but not the least category for bundles is Jazz Postpaid internet bundles.

Jazz Postpaid Internet Offers

If you want to use Mobilink internet services for whole month and want to pay them at the end of the month then consider these packages in your list.

  1. Monthly Streamer Package
  2. Monthly Premium Package
  3. Supreme Package Monthly
  4. Monthly Super Package
  5. Monthly Ultimate Package

All these packages are of different ranges for different persons.

These packages are also Warid internet packages because of the merger between two companies.

So lets see the table for these jazz internet packages:

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation CodeActivate Now
Monthly Streamer PackagePKR 2502GB30 DayDial *446#Activate Monthly Streamer Package
Monthly Premium PackagePKR 5005GB30 DayDial *446#Activate Monthly Premium Package
Monthly Supreme PackagePKR 80014GB30 DayDial *446#Activate Monthly Supreme Package
Monthly Super PackagePKR 120024GB30 DayDial *446#Activate Monthly Super Package
Monthly Ultimate PackagePKR 220050GB30 DayDial *446#Activate Monthly Ultimate Package

so that all for Mobilink internet bundles and Warid internet packages lets move to the conclusion section.


In this conclusion we will discuss following things from Mobilink and Warid internet packages:

  1. Speed of Mobilink and Warid internet packages.
  2. cost
  3. resources
  4. Comparison with other networks

1) Speed of jazz internet packages is famous among Pakistani peoples as they provides best speed for the Pakistani users according to the speed test by ookla jazz is winner of 3 speed test awards.

2) Cost of jazz monthly internet package, jazz weekly internet package, Warid internet packages are so less as compared to other service providers.

3) In less cost jazz providing lot of resources to the users including social and flat MBs.

4) If you compare packages of jazz with other internet services providers then you will see that their packages, their internet speed and coverage is far ahead then others.

so in last in my opinion jazz is the best service provider in Pakistan right now, if you disagree with my choice you can also tell us your choice as well in comments section.

Thanks for being with me Good Bye for today.

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