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With everyday needs buying and selling old and used cars, Islamabad Vehicle Verification needs to verify every vehicle before purchasing to for confirmation that this vehicle is legal or not. We have provided step-by-step guidelines from Islamabad vehicle verification to MTMIS Islamabad. By using these Islamabad excise services you will be able to get all information about your vehicle.

Without going to excise office and waiting for hours to get your turn for only confirmation of vehicle you want to buy. This will waste your precious hours only in waiting, that is why we have brought you best service which will show you complete detail of vehicle.

Information provided by Islamabad vehicle verification?

Owner Details: Owner Name, Father Name, Owner City,
Latest Payment Details: Payment Date, Paid Amount,
Vehicle Details: Engine number, Make name, Registration date, Model, Vehicle Price, Color, Token Tax Paid Upto,
Vehicle Application Tracking: Application Type, Challan Paid Date, Application Current Status, Card Status, Inspection Date

How can I check my Islamabad registration by SMS?
1) Open the text message on your mobile phone.
2) On text message enter your vehicle registration number and send it to 8521
3) You will get your updates within a few seconds.

How can I check my Islamabad vehicle registration online?
In order to check your Islamabad vehicle registration online, visit “PakistanSahulat” click on “Islamabad vehicle verification”. Enter your Islamabad vehicle registration number click on search, and get all details.

How can I check my number plate?
Your vehicle number plate should be on front bottom side or back bottom side of your car. Islamabad vehicle number plate is in
White color with black text on it, it has an icon of Faisal mosque on it and on bottom of number plate, ISLAMABAD is written.

Islamabad number plate pakistansahulat
Islamabad excise and taxation

A clean example image is attached for a better understanding of the Islamabad vehicle number plate. If you do not see number plate on your vehicle then you need to register your Islamabad vehicle by visiting online Islamabad vehicle verification. Click online service and further move to New Vehicle Registration.

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Islamabad excise and taxation – MTMIS Islamabad

Above all, We have provided way to veh verification Islamabad that will make ease in your verification process. Firstly by clicking on “Click here“. After that, it will start your process of Islamabad excise vehicle verification.

Isb veh verification pakistansahulat

In other words, we have guided step-by-step Islamabad Vehicle Verification. Therefore, do not skip any step, follow all steps for verification.

Step 1 – MTMIS Islamabad

MTMIS Islamabad

You will see white bar and robot check verification. After that, If you have memorized your vehicle number plate that is excellent work from you. However, if you have not memorized it, go out and look at your vehicle number plate and write that registration number on white box.

Things to keep in mind for Islamabad vehicle verification number entering?
1) Write number in this format LXZ 123
2) After that, enter space in between Alphabets and Numbers
3) If you write anything wrong verification process will fail and will not give you any result

After entering vehicle information your screen should look like the example picture below

Islamabad vehicle registration pakistansahulat

Step 2 – MTMIS Islamabad

After that, enter your vehicle details for Islamabad Vehicle Verification now move to step 2 which is verifying that your are not a robot. In other words, to protect Islamabad excise database they have placed the robot verification check. Therefore follow the below steps

1) Click on “I’m not a robot”
2) After that, It will start loading and will show you random things to match it’s just like solving a puzzle game
3) After that, completion, white box will change its icon to “Green Tick”,
4) After that, Click on “Search” to get Islamabad vehicle details

Islamabad vehicle registration pakistansahulat

Islamabad Vehicle Details

After completing all above processes, you will get below detail of your Islamabad car:

Islamabad Vehicle Verification

Fast way to get Islamabad vehicle detail:

In conclusion, These are the fast steps to verify your Isb vehicle online within seconds, enter your Registration Number in white Box

After that, Click on “I’m not Robot” after getting Green Tick, After that, Click on Search

Therefore, It will start your verification process and move you to Islamabad Vehicle Verification Result screen.

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