IESCO ONLINE BILLING – Full Procedure | Step by Step Guide

In Islamabad and Rawalpindi Electricity supply company IESCO (iesco bil) is working and operating, not only in Islamabad and Rawalpindi but also covers 6 districts from Jhelum to Attock by iesco mis.

Iesco online billing was formed in 1988 under the wapda act but later on they emerged as IESCO.

IESCO Online Billing Coverage:

They provide electricity to almost 25 million peoples and around 2.8 million peoples are daily served by Islamabad Electric Supply Company.

It covers from Indus river to Neelam River and from Islamabad to Jhelum So they sometimes facing problems to supply hardcopy bills to its users.

You can also get paperless bill of IESCO bil from Here.

iesco online billing

So lets get towards how you can pay your IESCO bil online:

There are so many ways now in Pakistan to pay your bills online like K electrics which also provide vast range of payment methods, So Lets talk about IESCO online billing payment methods:

  • EasyPaisa
  • JazzCash
  • Bank official website
  • Bank Official Apps

Like the list above you can pay your online bill from above given payment methods so lets talk about them one by one.

IESCO Online Billing By EasyPaisa:

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EasyPaisa is one of the convenient method to pay your bills in Pakistan step by step method is below:

Step 1:

Login to your EasyPaisa account and you will see this type of interface, so after that you have to tap(Click) on Bill Payment button to pay your iesco bil.

iesco bil
Step 1

2nd Step:

Step 2

After that, you will see this type of screen and here you have to Tap(Click) on Enter a new bill to pay.

iesco online billing

3rd Step:

On that screen you will see different E services, so select Electricity from here.

iesco online billing

Step 3

4th Step:

Step 4

After the selection of Electricity you will see all companies that provides electric services so select IESCO from here.

5th Step:

After selecting IESCO bil you will see this screen, So here you have to enter your bill reference Number in given textbox or else you can also scan your bill QR code.

iesco online billing
Step 5

6th Step (Last):

iesco online billing
Step 6

And Finally, You will see your current Iesco bil outstanding’s on this page with Pay now button, So tap on pay now to pay you bill.

So that’s all from EasyPaisa, We will head towards that Jazz Cash online iesco bil now:

Iesco billing By Jazz Cash:

After EasyPaisa, In Pakistan the other most convenient method to pay bills online is Jazz Cash, So lets see how you can pay your iesco mis bil online by Jazz Cash.

Step 1:

First of all, You have to login in your Jazz Cash account enter phone no and MPIN or password and press the login button.

Step one

2nd Step:

step 2

After login, you will see this screen, So tap on utility bills to pay your iesco online billing.

3rd Step:

In utility bills you will see all utility e service, So Select Electricity from it.

Step 3

4th Step:

step 4

In electricity, Select IESCO to pay your IESCO bil.

5th Step:

After that, You will see a text box where you have to enter your bill reference number, So that you can get you iesco online billing.

Step 5

6th Step (Last):

iesco online billing
step 6

After the 5th step, you will get your current outstanding amount, So here you have to put your MPIN and tap on tick icon to pay your bill.

That all from Jazz Cash payment method, So you can pay all your Iesco bil from Jazz Cash easily.

Iesco billing By Bank Accounts:

After these two payment methods (Jazz Cash and EasyPaisa) Pakistani bank also provides facility to pay bills online, So below are the list of banks from where you can do iesco online billing.

  • Meezan Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)
  • Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)
  • Allied Bank
  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • Askari Bank
  • Soneri Bank
  • Summit Bank
  • Faysal Bank

All these banks also provides there online e banking facility, So you can pay your out standing of any e service bills like Electricity, Gas, Phone etc.

We will discuss one of the bank method here so you can understand easily.

Iesco billing By Meezan Bank:

Paying bills through Meezan bank is to easy we will guide you step by step here, So lets start.

Step 1:

After you login to your Meezan online banking app you will see the Bills & Top up button on main screen.

So click on this button to proceed further.

iesco online billing
Step one

2nd Step:

iesco online billing
step 2

You will see Add bills button on that screen.

So tap on this button for iesco online billing.

3rd Step:

After step 2 you will see all companies list here, So search for IESCO from here.

by taping on this you will proceed to last step.

step 3

4th Step (Last):

In last Add your reference number in given text box and press the next button.

So You will get you bill outstanding of iesco billing and pay now button.

finally your bill will be payed by Meezan bank.

So above was the complete procedure of Meezan bank IESCO bil, Like wise you can pay bills by other bank accounts like UBL, Fasil Bank etc.


Billing online can reduce you many hurdles to visit any bill points and give you ease of life.

In my opinion, Jazz cash online iesco billing and EasyPaisa Online Iesco billing is the most convenient way to pay your bills.

So if you find any other way so must tell us in comments.

So that’s all from today we will come back with more like LESCO, MEPCO etc.

Thanks for reading.

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