Fairy Meadows: A Destination Guide.

Fairy Meadows – A mesmerizing view.

Fairy Meadows, the land of fairies, is one of the most beautiful places located in the Diamer district of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It was named by Germans as “Märchenwiese” which means “Fairy Tale Meadows”. Locally this meadow is known as Joot. It is a grassland at an altitude of 3,300 meters (10,800 ft) near the base campsite of Nanga Parbat. Here, is the destination guide to Fairy Meadows, Pakistan.

Fairy Meadows provides a clear view of Nanga Parbat also known as “The Killer Mountain”. Nanga Parbat (8125m), the second-highest peak in Pakistan and ninth in the world. Apart from the mesmerizing and beautiful views, Fairy Meadows provides a launching point for trekkers who want to summit Nanga Parbat from the Raikot side.

In 1995, the Government of Pakistan declared Fairy Meadows as a National Park

Directions to Fairy Meadows.

Map of Raikot Bridge to Fairy Meadows Jeep Stop

The journey to Fairy Meadows consists of two parts after reaching Raikot Bridge in Gilgit-Baltistan. The first section consists of around 16 km of Jeep trek through the village of Tattu. The road is narrow and dangerous and is only open to locals, who provide transportation to visitors. World Health Organization declared it as the second deadliest road on the planet in 2013. This Jeep trek takes around 45 minutes to an hour’s drive on the narrow gravel road.

This Jeep Trek is an offroader and adventurer’s dream to offroad on.

Jeep track to Fairy Meadows
Trek/Trail from Jeep stops to Fairy Meadows.

The second part of the journey includes 2 to 3 hours of trekking on the walking trail of 5.1 km to the Fairy Meadows. Yes, it is a tiring journey, but it is worth it once you reach the meadows. There are camping sites, lakes, forests, and the beautiful view of Nanga Parbat from Fairy meadows.

Best Time to Visit? – Fairy Meadows

The meadows have a six-month tourist season starting from April till September. It gets crowded in mid-summer months as it is a peak time for this popular tourist attraction. The best time is to visit in the months of April – May or September – October. It might be colder in these months as compared to summertime. But with fewer tourists around you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty, peace, and tranquility it beholds within.

fairy meadows
Fairy Meadows green pastures.

Places to stay in Fairy Meadows?

Since it is one of the most visited tourist attraction, there are many lodges built within the meadows. Here are the few lodges listed as:

  • Fairy Meadows Lodges.
  • Shangrila Fairy Meadows Resort.
  • Fairy Meadows View Point Hotel.
  • Fairy Meadows Broad View Hotel & Resort.
  • Di Ambre Fairy Meadows.
  • Nanga Parbat View Hotel.
  • Raikot Serai.
  • Fairy Meadows Shambala Resorts.
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But if in case you want to try an out door adventure, the meadow is your host for camping.

fairy meadows
Fairy Meadows camping sites
fairy meadows
Fairy Meadows camping

Things you should have:

While everyone have their own choices of things to carry. Some essentials you should carry along on your trek to meadows.

  • Sunscreens / Sun Block to avoid getting sun burns while trekking to the meadows.
  • Hats or Caps or Scarves.
  • Water Bottles to avoid dehydration on this steep and difficult trek to the meadows.
  • Chips, biscuits, chocolates, energy drinks etc for getting quick energy if you get exhausted during the trek.
  • Sunglasses to look cool 😉
  • Power Bank to keep your gadgets charged. (as you will be taking a lot of pictures.)

Whatever you carry, make sure that your bagpacks are light so that you can carry it for 2 to 3 hours on the steep trek to the meadows.

Keep Calm and Enjoy!

Once you finish the trek and reach the meadows, make sure you enjoy the nature. Take a lot of pictures, hear stories about the scores of mountaineers who went to conquer the Killer Mountain, but never returned.

The nights will be freezing, and the morning will be refreshing and calm. Take a walk in the pastures, look face to face in the eyes of the killer mountain and hear what it says through its reflection.


Beyal Camp.

Once you enjoy meadows do push your self to go to Beyal Camp which is 2 hours away from Fairy Meadows. The trail passes through thick forest and beautful fresh water streams. You can enjoy the view of Raikot Glacier and Nanga Parbat on your left while going to trekking for Beyal Camp. You will reach Beyal Camp when you see the Nanga Parbat overshadowing a small village. If you trek for 30 more minutes, you will arrive at a view point where you can see Raikot Glacier and the Killer Mountain up close.

fairy meadows
Nanga Parbat view from Beyal Camp

Nanga Parbat Base Camp.

If you are an adventurer and the stories about the never returned mountaineers have filled you with suspense. Then this hiking trek from Beyal Camp View Point to Nanga Parbat Base camp might be a must thing to do for you. To unravel the mystery of the never returning conquerors, you should walk the path that leads to it.

It is an estimated trek of 3 hours from Beyal Camp to Nanga Parbat Base camp. It involves climbing up a steep ridge and walking across the rocky glacier. The glacier will lead you to Nanga Parbat Base camp which is located at 3,900 m.

On your way to the base camp, you can feel the mystery unfolding of the missing mountaineers who wanted to conquer the majestic Nanga Parbat known as the Killer Mountain.

fairy meadows
Nanga Parbat at night.

Fairy Meadows is a beautiful place. Its beauty and tranquility cannot be described in words. But, once you visit, the pictures will take you to this wonderful destination in your memory lane.

fairy meadows
Green Pastures of the meadow.
fairy meadows
Reflection of Nanga Parbat in the lake in meadows.

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