E Services

In Pakistan E services are limited but increasing day by day, On peoples demands, Government organizations are working rapidly to provide best online services to Pakistani users.

Many E sahulat apps and websites are launched till now with great functionalities like EasyPaisa, E-sahulat Nadra and All Network packages App.

So Today we will discuss all e services of Pakistan and we will provides you link or details of all services of Pakistan.

But First, lets talk about what is E Services ?

E-services are the online services that are provides by the government or the 3rd Party companies.

When there is online way to use the physical services like paying bills, online verification of vehicles, online national Identity card (CNIC) and much more.

So, Now let’s get towards these online services one by one.

E Services in Pakistan
E Services in Pakistan

1) Online Bills Payments – E sahulat:

Paying bills online is so useful in this busy era, let’s see which type of bills you can pay by which e sahulat?

Online Electric bills, online Gas bills, online water bills, online internet bills can be paid online.

All these service providers provides their portals to pay your bills online by different online payment methods like EasyPaisa, bank transfer etc.

a) Electric Bills – Electronic services:

Pakistan have different region and every region have their own electric bill electronic services to pay online bills.
You can pay your bills in every region by EasyPaisa, Jazz cash and also by many bank accounts like Meezan, UBL, Alfalah etc.

Other then that many private companies also provides their own options to pay bills like K-Electrics.

If you want to check your bill outstanding online then Pakistan have many government sites that provides that according to your region, that e sahulat are listed below:

Other then that many android applications provides this e services in apps just like Electricity Bill Check 2021.

b) Gas Bills – E services:

Just like Electric bills gas bills are also payed by online services like EasyPaisa, Jazz cash and Bank accounts.

Meezan, UBL, Alfalah bank provides these services for the ease of their users to pay their bills from home so lets get towards Sui – Gas service providers and their e services portals to pay online bills.

Listed below are the Gas providers in Pakistan with their online services portal:

  • Sui Northern Gas (Lahore, Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Sahiwal, Sheikhupura, Rawalpindi, Sargoda, Gujrat, Mardan, Sialkot) Visit Portal.
  • Sui Southern Gas (Balochistan to Karachi, Sindh) Visit Online E services portal to pay bills

c) PTCL bills – Online Services

PTCL is the one of biggest internet providers in Pakistan, they provides internet across the entire country so, they also have online portal to pay and check bills.

E services
E services

So you can pay Ptcl E Sahulat bills by EasyPaisa, Jazz Cash, and bank accounts.

If you want to see packages details of PTCL then download this All networks app.

2) Courier Providers – E services

Shopping online is increasing rapidly in Pakistan after Daraz and other big online markets so that’s why courier services are also increasing in Pakistan.

Many courier e sahulat provides services with in country but many of them are operating internationally as well.

Pakistan have many courier online services providers like:

  • TCS – Best Courier in Pakistan
  • Leopards Courier
  • DHL – Top Quality Courier Service Provider
  • PIA SpeedeX
  • Pakistan Post
  • FedEx Express
  • M&P
  • DCS
  • PCL
  • APX

a) TCS – Learn How To Track And Deliver Your Package

TCS is operating locally and internationally both, they almost working in more then 220 countries.

They considered the best courier service in Pakistan because of their cheap rates and trusted services.

TCS Learn More

electronic services
TCS – E sahulat Pakistan
online services
online services Pakistan

b) Leopards Courier

Leopards is the 2nd largest courier company in Pakistan so they are growing quickly and acquired almost 1500 service locations and 2200 global destinations.

like, Other providers they also provides overnight and same-day courier delivery service in Pakistan.

Leopards Learn More

c) DHL

Courier company DHL is international with most trustable services providers.

DHL provide International deliveries, transfer couriers by air, sea, road and rail, also warehousing solutions from packaging to repairs, and storage and also provides other customized logistic services.

Website Link DHL: https://www.dhl.com/en.html

Pakistan DHL
DHL- E services Pakistan
electronic services

d) PIA SpeedeX

SpeedeX is the sub company of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) found in 2003.

So they are working in electronic services within the country and serving courier facility to almost 70 cities of Pakistan.

PIA SpeedeX Website Link: https://www.piac.com.pk/corporate/business-units/cargo/speedex/pia-speedex

e) Pakistan Post

One of the cheapest courier providers in Pakistan and also the best one because they provide secure delivery of mails, money and materials at the door steps.

Pakistan Post works both nationally and internationally.
Also it represents the government too in their electronic services.

Website Link: http://www.pakpost.gov.pk/

Other then services above below are the courier services with their website:

3) Vehicle Verification – E services

To get information of vehicle there are two methods.

  1. Verify Vehicle personally or Physically.
  2. Verify it online.

Today we will tell you how you can verify any vehicle online before purchasing it.

Verification of a vehicle includes car’s ownership details, CPLC details, Car model details, Car registration details etc.

Let’s move towards the e services and their providers.

a) Sindh car verification – online services

You can verify any two wheel or 4 wheel vehicle in Sindh with its registration number.

So enter vehicle registration number below and get your car details on the spot.

Sindh car verification electronic services

b) Islamabad car verification – e sahulat:

As Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan so it’s car verification e services are also their for Islamabad registered cars.

So enter vehicle registration No. and registration date below to get your car information.

c) KPK car verification – e services Pakistan:

Like other two major cities and provinces KPK also provides online check for registered cars in Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa, Therefore let’s get towards it.

You can get online vehicle verification in KPK so easily just select the district, registration type and enter registration No. below after that you will get e services Pakistan KPK car verification details.

d) Punjab car verification – e services Pakistan:

After other three Punjab also provides e sahulat for Pakistani peoples to get Punjab registered cars verification.

You just have to enter vehicle number below and after that you will get you car information right now.

After car verification electronic services we have Sim Ownership details checking e service so without wasting any time lets get towards that.

4) Sim Ownership details – E sahulat Pakistan:

In sim ownership detail online service you can get sim owner name, address, and location so let’s start now.

So find any mobile phone number details in Pakistan free online.

You can get details of any telecom service providers like Jazz, Warid, Telenor, Ufone, Zong so for sim information just enter phone number below:

5) Flight Inquires – Pakistani E services

Many Airline services are working in Pakistan that are listed below:

  • PIA
  • Airblue
  • Serene Air
  • Saudi Airlines Saudia
  • Air Arabia
  • AirSial
  • Gulf Air
  • Qatar Airways
  • Fly Dubai
  • Emirates
  • Thai Airways
  • China Southern Airlines

All these airlines are working internationally and some of them are working both internationally and domestically.

PIA is Pakistan’s International and domestic airline so they operate domestic as well.

So to see flight inquires of PIA, Enter data below and you will get results:

6) Mobile IMEI Checker – Pakistani electronic services

Nowadays when PTA are blocking non-PTA verified mobile so everyone is so curious about purchasing 2nd hand mobile phones.

Many of the phones in market are not registered with PTA currently, Either they are registered on wrong phone or not even registered.

So to tackle this hurdle e sahulat have great solution, so lets get towards it.

First of all when you planned to by a used mobile from market make sure the seller is verified person.

secondly, Enter both sims IMEI below to check, whether it is registered properly!

E services

This IMEI E service will get you information about the mobile phone you are going to buy, So that will help you a lot.

7) E-Newspaper – Pakistani E sahulat

Time ago when everyone loves to read newspaper as their daily routines, but in this era everyone have smartphone and online services so they prefer to read on their phones.

For this purpose newspaper owners launched daily paper on their online websites, So let’s get towards top newspapers of Pakistan and their websites.

These are the new top newspaper’s of Pakistan with their websites at where you can find their daily paper in e services / online services form.

8) CNIC verification E sahulat portal Pakistan

CNIC verification e services includes CNIC, NICOP, POC, CRC, and FRC. All these services are available on nadra’s e sahulat portal.

So you can check your required detail on Nadra’s Portal but they have application process and the flow of application process is listed below:

  • Top up your account with minimum balance of PKR. 100. You can top up your account through credit/ debit card/ franchise
  • Create an application in the verification category.
  • Fill in the required details.
  • Sign the declaration
  • View the desired information

Are you confused? So find more details Here.

9) Pakistan Citizen Portal – Pakistani E services:

Citizen Portal is electronic services in Pakistan to register your complains, This is government owned mobile application which is available on both (android and IOS store).

The main aim of this application is to connect nation wide peoples to the government officials, peoples can register their complains and also see the status of this complains.

This E sahulat is working in a vast range in Pakistan and mostly Pakistani peoples are happy with this initiative.

So if you want to download Pakistan citizen portal then click the download button below.

10) Electronic-FIR : Tracking and Registration

Recently, In Pakistan Electronic FIR system ( tracking and registration) is launched province wise, So let’s discuss about them.

a) KPK – FIR Tracking system

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, You can track your FIR’s by their portal So lets enter your CNIC below to track your FIR.

e sahulat

b) Punjab -Fir E sahulat system

Punjab government and police also launched FIR tracking system so if you are from Punjab – Pakistan then you can track your e sahulat FIR.

So to track your E sahulat FIR from Punjab province visit below website.

c) Sindh – Fir E sahulat Process

Unlike, KPK and Punjab, Sindh Police gets one step forward and provides online FIR reporting along with FIR tracking e sahulat system.

They provides online services to register and track your FIR so lets enter data below and get the results.

11) E – Ticket Booking online services – Pakistan Railways

Like, Other online services in Pakistan, Online railways ticket booking is also launched.

So you can book your online rail tickets from home but just signing up in the below form.

So now you can book online tickets to Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan and other cities.