2022 Toyota Yaris Review

2022 Toyota Yaris (image credit: Toyota Indus)
2022 Toyota Yaris (image credit: Toyota Indus)

Starting at PKR 2,612,000/-

Pakistan Sahulat Rating: 7.5/10

Good Mileage, Enhanced Safety Features, Smooth Gear Shifting, Good Resale Value, Economical maintenance as compared to competitors.Sluggish Performance, Widely criticized exterior design, and Poor handling.Overall a good car with a better fuel economy, but widely disliked for its exterior shape and design.

Overview of 2022 Toyota Yaris:

Toyota Yaris recently launched its 3rd generation in Pakistan which was launched globally back in 2013. It is a subcompact category car available in the front-wheel-drive sedan version only, whereas the other versions include hatchbacks and a much more powerful and sportier GR version AWD.

Criticized mostly for its looks, Toyota Yaris still holds value for money in terms of its resale value, cheaper parts, and fuel economy.

The Yaris is basically launched in two engine variants, the 1.3L, and 1.5L versions. With updated tech and safety features, it offers tough competition to its competitor. The price range and cheaper maintenance has been widely welcomed by the buyers as it faces competition in the market from Honda City, Changan Alsvin, and Proton Saga

Ranking among the competitors:

A                             B                             C                             D

What’s new in 2022 Toyota Yaris?

The Yaris has a redesigned look for 2022 models similar to those of the discontinued Toyota Corolla XLI and GLI’s. It has greater ground clearance as compared to its imported or previous models.

It also comes with two SRS Airbags as a safety feature along with EBD, Brake Assist, and ABS.

Pricing guide and Buying Recommendations:

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Model / Price

Our recommendation for budget purposes is a Base 1.3L GLI with manual transmission which costs around PKR 2,612,000 but if the budget permits then the top of the range is 1.5L ATIV X CVT which costs PKR 3,175,000 with all the perks, safety, and security features.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance:

2022 Toyota Yaris Engine Type (image credit: Toyota Indus)
2022 Toyota Yaris Engine Type (image credit: Toyota Indus)

There are two variants in terms of engine and performance-wise, but Toyota Yaris has 6 variants in terms of its transmission and other features.

The Toyota Yaris 1.3L comes in GLI MT, ATIV MT, GLI CVT, and ATIV CVT variants all producing 97.8hp at 6000 RPM and 123Nm Torque at 4200 RPM.

On the other hand, the 1.5L variant comes in ATIV X MT and ATIV X CVT variants producing 105.9hp at 6000 RPM and 140Nm torque at 4200 RPM

Both the 1.3L and 1.5L variants are inline 4 cylinders with 16 valve DOHC with dual VVT-I.

The 1.3L has a 1NR-FE engine with a displacement of 1329cc while the 1.5L has a 2NR-FE engine with 1496cc displacement.

The manual transmissions are limited to 5 speeds while the CVTs are 7-speed transmissions.

Fuel Economy of 2022 Toyota Yaris:

As per the claim from the company the new 2022 Toyota Yaris provides a fuel economy of 15km/l for a 1.5L variant and 16km/l for 1.3L inside the city.

Exterior of 2022 Toyota Yaris:

2022 Toyota Yaris has an exterior similar to the discontinued Corolla XLI’s and GLI’s. A four-beam halogen headlight is standard on all trims and variants while daytime running lights are exclusive for the top-of-the-range trim.

It features a smart keyless entry system while a smart entry system is on 1.5L variants only.

2022 Toyota Yaris Body Color Side Mirrors (image credit: Toyota Indus)
2022 Toyota Yaris Body Color Side Mirrors (image credit: Toyota Indus)

Body-color side mirrors with integrated indicators are a standard feature on all variants. The base variants have door handles in body color while the top variants have chrome door handles and fog lamps.

The 1.5L variants have a rear camera as a standard option, while 1.3L variants are deprived of the rear camera.

The 1.5L variant also comes with 15-inch alloy rims while 1.3L has steel wheels with plastic wheel caps.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo of 2022 Toyota Yaris:

2022 Toyota Yaris Interior (image credit: Toyota Indus)
2022 Toyota Yaris Interior (image credit: Toyota Indus)

The 2022 Toyota Yaris is a comfortable car in terms of its interior, However, the legroom in the rear cabin is good enough for two passengers, the third passenger will have difficulty adjusting due to the front armrest and center console occupying more space in the rear cabin.

2022 Toyota Yaris Rear Cabin (image credit: Toyota Indus)
2022 Toyota Yaris Rear Cabin (image credit: Toyota Indus)

The steering has tilting and adjustment options only on the base 1.3L Base trims, but 1.3L ATIV trims have the Bluetooth and audio control switches in steering while the top two trims have additional control of the multi-information display.

Some of the standard features across all variants include an illuminated entry system, central locking, and power windows along with an air conditioner and heater, while the top two variants have auto air conditioning and climate control.

2022 Toyota Yaris Climate Control (image credit: Toyota Indus)
2022 Toyota Yaris Climate Control (image credit: Toyota Indus)

The rear cargo boot has a good space of 452 cubic centimeters.

Infotainment and Connectivity:

The 1.3L variants have a touch audio system while the top two variants have an in-dash 6.8-inch capacitive touchscreen. The audio system has two speakers in 1.3L base versions, 4 speakers in 1.3L ATIV variants, and 6 speakers in 1.5L variants.

Safety Features:

2022 Toyota Yaris SRS Airbag (image credit: Toyota Indus)
2022 Toyota Yaris SRS Airbag (image credit: Toyota Indus)

The 2022 Toyota Yaris includes dual SRS airbags as a standard safety feature along with ABS, EBD, and brake assist on all variants.

The top of the range models come with advanced safety features like traction control and hill start assist in all variants.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage:

Toyota provides a standard warranty of 3 years – 75000 km warranty whichever comes first. And an extended warranty for 2 additional years for the price of an additional PKR 36,000. This gives the users more trust and reliability factor.


If we ignore the exterior design criticism of the Toyota Yaris we can say that the vehicle is certainly competitive in fuel economy and has advantages in safety and security features. One of the key plus points of Toyota Yaris is that it is cost-effective in terms of maintenance and spare parts, and has a better resale value than all of its competitors such as Honda City, Changan Alsvin, Proton Saga.

On the other hand, the wide criticism it has faced since its launch is exterior design and sluggish performance in the long runs is certainly it’s the most highlighted negative point.

The manufacturers should have completely skipped the 3rd generation model and launched the 4th generation Toyota Yaris in Pakistan which would for sure gather more audience and no doubts that the hatchback version would have clean swept the market competition.

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